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HMWBOLI Founder Continues the Mission at NAS

Founder of the Hattie M. Wiggins Beacon of Light, Inc. visits the NAS to attend Bible Study with some Airmen Graduates and Chaplin Tiff.

Hattie Wiggins was the Secretary to the NAS Chaplains before her death. This job was an honor and one she held with pride. Over four decades later, her daughter, Co-Pastor Shernita Wynder returns to the place she remembers playing as a little girl to attend Bible Study with Airmen graduates, Pastor Mike Dimick, and Chaplin Tiff over the Airmen Unit. This was an emotional and moving connection that allowed her to continue the work she feels her mother Hattie would have done if she was still alive.


"There's something about life coming full circle that moves you closer to a deeper purpose..."

Co-Pastor Wynder connected with the NAS Pensacola Chaplain office to offer support to the young men and women coming to the base for training. This was an opportunity she felt led to continue a work that her mother would no doubt be still doing. "I remember coming to the base and spending time in the Chapel and with the Chaplains my mother worked for who were so supportive of her and her work. I can recall when I got hit by a car crossing Cervantes one day after school. I used to walk to Arogon Court where my brother was and crossed the street next to the Krispy Kreme donut shop that is still there today. Fast forward, I remember waking up in the hospital and seeing my mom looking down on me crying and there her Chaplain was standing next to her consoling her and stroking my arm. So, I guess going back to NAS and finishing what our mom started seems right in this season. There's something about life coming full circle that moves you closer to a deeper purpose than you thought."

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