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Hattie M. Wiggins Beacon of Light Incorporated is seeking to continue the fight with trending approaches for treating trauma; transforming the way the public views and responds to sexual assault, domestic violence, and child abuse; and reforming and suggesting policies and legislation to ensure access to justice for survivors and their children. Provide military, civil servant, and community support which was her passion. Hattie was a creative and an activist, therefore, we honor her legacy by integrating the arts for healing and the importance of mental health awareness to decrease suicide, violence, and depression.

From the Desk of the Founders

We started this foundation to give our mother the voice she no longer has and continue the journey she would have traveled had she lived. My brother and I were robbed of a life with our Mother and we want to ensure no other child experiences what we have endured to senseless killing. Let’s Fight4Her.


shernita wiggins-wynder


hattie and 1-year-old "NEDA."


"There's something powerful about being a light in darkness."-Shernita Wiggins-Wynder

I was turning 7 the month after my mother was murdered in July of 1976. I didn't understand much at that time, I only knew that my Mom was not with me and I was living with my grandmother. To feel responsible for her death because I told her that I was being molested by my step-father who threatened to kill her if I ever told...was heavy upon my heart.

It wasn't until I was older and came to understand that it was NOT my fault, but the darkness that lurked in the heart of the one who took her life. After over 40 years of soul-searching within myself, I realized that I had to continue the FIGHT for my mother, Hattie Mae, and become the VOICE that she would have been to so many dealing with the pain of domestic violence and sexual abuse. And I will do this using the gifts she passed on to me of activism, creativity, and passion.

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